Body, Mind, And Soul

I went MIA from blogging and social media for quite a while and I never really explained why. I am finally ready to explain, so here it is... As if the struggles I faced with my mental illness were not enough, in the beginning of this year I began to struggle significantly with my physical health.... Continue Reading →


I’ve Hit Highs And Felt Lows

It's been months since I've written a post, or even opened my WordPress page actually... Life decided to throw me a few more curveballs (I didn't catch them, they hit me). But we will save the details of that for another post. I'm slowly realizing that writing is one of the most beneficial things I... Continue Reading →

You Are Stuck With It

Some days I want to quit with all of these medications, therapy sessions, and coping techniques, and just be normal for a bit. However, the reality is that most longitudinal studies support the notion that bipolar disorder is a chronic lifelong condition. So hey, I'm stuck with it. That's still hard for me to grasp.... Continue Reading →


This is an excerpt from my journal that I kept during my first involuntary psych hospital intake. It was at a care center called Lighthouse, 2 hours away from where I lived with my family. I hated every second of it. A perfect example of how mental illness patients tend to get poor treatment- Today... Continue Reading →

This Is Just My Reality 

That genuine happiness that I talked about feeling a couple of weeks ago is now gone. It lasted a whole two weeks. It was a nice change from my rapid cycling but seriously? Two weeks of joy is all that I get? I'm still trying to find it again, chasing it... The demons came back... Continue Reading →

I Have Been Waiting To Feel This Again

It feels good to experience a genuine happiness again. It's not just a fleeing emotion that comes and goes. It's not the cloud nine mania after the dark storm. It's a happiness that does more than make me feel good and upbeat. I am finally driven to be more creative, productive, successful, and healthy. For over a... Continue Reading →

Drowning In A Sea Of Thoughts

Never saw myself as a poet but hey, why not? I mean, let's be honest - I've done and seen things that I never would have thought I would do, so what the hell!? I came across a note that I had written in my phone recently when I was upset. When I read it, it seemed to already... Continue Reading →

Cultivate An Attitude Of Gratitude

I started experiencing the symptoms of my bipolar disorder right when I had temporarily moved back to my parent's house and my fiance was just moving in with me, in the process of immigrating from Canada. Perfect timing right?!... The symptoms started out subtle, just more moody and unhappy than usual... But, the longer I... Continue Reading →

Ready Or Not, Here I Come

Seriously, sometimes it feels like my illness is playing hide and seek with me. I feel good for a few days... Start feeling like I can handle things... Start to see some light shining through and then READY OR NOT, HERE I COME! That sneaky little demon pops out and strangles me with his darkness...... Continue Reading →

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