Mental Health Movement


My mission is to create a mental health movement through jewelry and shirts that we can wear everyday. I want to contribute to creating conversation, providing education, and ending the stigma surrounding mental illness. 10% of profits will be donated to NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness.

I have been researching and planning ways to contribute to ending the stigma since I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It’s been about a year now and finally, I have gotten to the point where I have decided which direction I want to take my mental health movement in. The movement will grow to include jewelry and shirts that incorporate bind runes and phrases to serve as conversation starters. It is a way to not only start conversations, but keep what is important to us present. You can learn more about bind runes here, on one of my recent blog posts. Starting more conversations and providing more education through my blog, I hope to create a community that, together, helps break down the stigma and give my fellow warriors a place where they are never alone. My Etsy shop VitalityBoutique is coming soon 🙂  



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  1. Post the link when you open it; I’d like to find a way to incorporate your store and cause on my blog in the future! 🙂 I love the tattoo. I’ve one on my left forearm that has courage written with a dove and strength written. All black.

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  2. Reblogged this on Vitality and commented:

    I had to take a break from working on my mental health movement due to physical health problems, but I’m back! My plans are really coming together and I’m excited! I can’t wait to share more 🙂


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