When I was trying to pick a name for my blog, I found that the word ‘vitality’ really stuck with me. It described exactly what I was trying to portray in one word. Every definition I found made it seem more and more relevant.

Vitality: exuberant physical strength or mental vigor:

I wanted to dedicate my blog to an all-around healthy, balanced life. The recent onset of my bipolar disorder inspired me to share my story and talk about my holistic approach to life that is helping me transform my world.

Vitality: power of enduring; the state of being strong and active; the power or ability of something to continue to live and develop.

After researching the different definitions for vitality, I went on to research the symbols that represent vitality. I found that the sunflower is a representation of vitality, the yellow/orange color emitting energy to its surrounding environment. This made ‘vitality’ appear even more perfect for the name of my blog as sunflowers are, hands down, my favorite flowers. It just seemed.. right.

This is a picture of the first sunflower that I grew in my garden 🙂

Still I continued my research, wanting to make sure I picked the perfect name (I overanalyze everything if you couldn’t already tell). This is when I discovered something that really fascinated me- bind runes. The runes represent objects, gods, people, animals, concepts and occurrences. The early Germanic and Norse tribes who developed them did so long before they had any need for writing messages, centuries before the time of the earliest written language inscriptions. A practical bindrune combines two or more runes to form a single design representing the runic powers of the included runes. The purpose of the bindrune is to enable a controlled release of runic energies for the benefit of the user, or someone he or she wants to help or influence. Bind runes are devised for specific purposes, generating mental activity such as memory, logic, emotion, enlightenment, strength of will, courage, fairness, clarity of thought. They can aid physical actions too, such as health, strength, speed, endurance, and all the 5 senses.


I found the concept of these bind runes to be so intriguing, the way you can combine the ones that are relevant to you and enable your own release of runic energies. I spent a few hours drawing out different designs, combing the runes that I found the most meaningful for myself. The simpler the design is, the more effective the runic powers will be. The result were some very alluring designs. Clearly, I am not in some tribe that believes in magical powers, but I do believe that it is always good to have things that give you hope. Things that remind you of who you are and what you want. For me, the bind rune I chose to keep close to me promotes perseverance, personal good health, and mind power. When I look at it I am reminded of what I need to focus on.


Has anyone else ever studied bind runes? If so, which ones are your favorites?


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