Putting Exercise To The Test

I have done a lot of research lately regarding the correlation between exercise and mental health. As I am still exploring ways to live an enjoyable life with bipolar disorder and revive my health and vitality, I have decided to put this whole early morning exercise theory to the test. Research finds that early morning exercise has many benefits. These benefits include – more energy throughout the day, increased mental focus and mental abilities, a better night’s sleep, and setting your mood on an upward trajectory that can last all day. Sounds miraculous, right?

“Exercise is a trigger that releases endorphins, our built-in happiness drug.”



I have decided, for 5 days, I am going to kick off my day with a workout every morning at 7am. I have committed to a 2-mile run and at least 30 minutes of strength training. Throughout the day I am going to keep notes on how I am feeling so at the end of the week I can assess the benefits. I have recently started keeping track of my mood and it has been pretty unstable.

Above is a look at one of my recent mood dairy charts from this great app I use called Stigma. I can’t wait to review the differences!

“Starting the day with something that’s doable and gives you a buzz is not only physically satisfying but at the psychological level it provides a sense of achievement you can take in your stride for the rest of the day.” -Vijaya Manicavasagar, clinical psychologist

I challenge you to do your own experiment with exercise and I would love to hear about your personal results! I mean, really think about it, exercise is free and simple and the benefits are life-changing. If you are hoping to increase your health and vitality, why wouldn’t you give it a try?!


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